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What is RC Ring Play Points


RC Ring Play Points™ is a game of collecting points according to your buys on our on-line shop. Only registered users can play the game. every time a user buys something from our on-line shop he gather points according to his buys in order to get a discount on his next order! Each user has an account and those points add up and it is up to him when to use the discount.


For each Euro (1€) you get 5 points


After the order concludes those points adds up to your account and you can use them on your next order.

Every 5 point corresponds to 2 cents (0,02€), which means that for an order of value 500€ you will get 2500 points which is 10€ discount for your next order.

Some special products will have extra points for you!


During payment step you will be asked if you want to use the points you have already gathered (without measuring the current order) showing you the amount of the discount you will get. You can choose not to use the points on the current order but to keep and get larger discount for next ones.


Terms and regulations for the game

  • You have to be registered member to collect/use points.

  • During your registration process you get 2000 points as bonus. (first week offer, after that 1500 points will be awarded)

  • Only from buying through our on-line shop you can collect/use points.

  • Points collected cannot be passed to other member, they belong only to you.

  • Amount corresponding to collected points can not cashed in. Only used to the on-line shop.

  • You have to use the full discounted amount/points on an order. If you decide to use the discounted amount/points on an order, if the discounted amount is more than order's cost, it won't be transferred to your next order but you will loose it.

  • When you will exceed 1000 points you are forced to use the corresponding discount.

  • There is no time limit as to when you have to use your collected points.



All prices include 24% VAT

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