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CRC Carpet Knife Generation XL

The new 1:12th scale Generation-XL from Calandra Racing raises the bar for 1:12th scale racing. The new Gen-XL gets it's racing heritage from the winner of the 2008 IIC in Vegas, the 2006, 2007 + 2008 U.S Indoor Championship in Cleveland and the 2008 + 2009 ROAR National Champion, CRC revolutionary Generation-X designed in 2006. In the new version, the "XL" represents the original Gen-X specifically built for "L"ipo; the XL also signifies to "Excel" above the competition in features, performance and price. In addition, the XL represents Gen-X Cell, the car that accepts both Lipo and NimH cells.

The car features CRC's new Encore shock (3290); a bladder design with a removable lower spring perch. The removable lower spring perch makes changing the spring a breeze. No need to remove the entire bottom of the shock like other designs, just slip the spring perch out and the center spring comes right off. Also featured on the Encore shock is a hardened shock shaft to resist bending in large impacts. The shock length, preload, spring rate and damping are all adjustable. The Encore shock builds very simply with a super soft silicone bladder membrane and it comes complete with different ball cups and mounting eyelets.

The Gen-XL is not only designed for brushless motors, but also the large brushless speed controls. Balance and weight position is key in a nimble 1:12th scale car. The new Gen-XL, allows you to perfectly balance your chassis by making room for the large controller right in the middle of the car. The new antenna/shock mount is purposely molded to allow extra space in the center of the chassis. With the heavy speed control in the center, the user can place other components on the chassis in a central, balanced position. With the perfect balance, the Gen-XL will steer left and right consistently and equally, giving the driver added confidence and better results.

Built on a 2.5 mm pure carbon fiber chassis and components, the new machine from Calandra Racing Concepts is designed specifically for the new 3.7 volt lipo cells. The battery position is adjustable front to back using our moveable cell lockers. For those still using round NiMh cells, the car will accept these as well and they are also adjustable. The car comes complete with our tried and true Battery Retention System (alright, it's an O-ring, but it works great!) to easily allow you to remove your pack and charge it in a safe Lipo sack. For those who must tape in, the car will allow that as well.

CRC was instrumental in pushing the pivot ball design to the top of 1:12th scale racing, now most all have followed suit. In 1994, the CRC Carpet Knife Version 1, featuring pivot ball suspension, hit the market and began to win races. For years the Carpet Knife battled the T-bar contenders and steadily over the years the pivot ball design started winning over drivers with it's tweak free performance and awesome durability. Now, much of the competition is abandoning the T-bar ship and begin to make link suspension systems. All the while, CRC is improving and perfecting the design. The new Gen-XL features a molded center pivot and long clamping one-piece links. These pieces are made to be stiff and rigid members of a precision suspension system. Other suspension systems use 3-piece links that are difficult to adjust evenly, yet others use flimsy flexible one-piece link. The new XL Link from CRC is specifically designed to work perfectly within the pivot ball system. The link incorporates a stiffening rib and a molded relief to allow full suspension movement, more than just a flat piece of plastic. Also, the XL link has flat sides to allow that little bit of extra space to mount the electronics in the car. Also included in the Generation-XL is our new molded spring holders and tried and trued aluminum "Torpedo" Tubes, making the new Gen-XL is very easy to setup and build.

Also new is CRC's center shock/antenna mount. The new mount is molded with a flat on the front to create a bit more room for the center mounted speed control. The new mount has a set screw designed to "lock" the fiberglass roll over antenna mast. This is great for traveling with you car as you can remove and reinstall the antenna by simply loosening a set screw.

Our X-Pod has been improved to be the most spacious rear pod, allowing ample room for large brushless motors and the extra wires they need to run. The new molded left bulkhead is super lightweight and properly braced and molded to be rigid and strong. With this roomy X-pod, you can nearly throw your brushless motor in the car from 10 feet away, it is very easy to install, solder to and work on. Speaking of rear pods, CRC was the first to implement the narrow diff hub necessitated by the centered brushless motor placement. This is also included on the Gen-XL.

We bring the flush-mount transponder from the original Gen-X to the XL. Also included is a servo saver brace to fix the weakness that plagues the small Kimbrough servo savers. Access hole through the chassis make it easy to change from short to long arm from suspension found on the Pro-Strut front end from CRC.

Also, the Gen-XL comes stock with the servo mounted "up". While some put the servo down and flat, that configuration leads to terrible bump steer as the geometry of the front suspension is compromised in such a position. With the servo up on mounts, the steering tie rods are parallel to the upper suspension arm. As the car rolls in the corners and hits bumps, this parallel position keeps the steering angle consistent. With servo down, each bump and weight transfer initiates a drastic change in the steering angle.

Each CRC Gen-XL is designed, manufactured and kitted in the USA, by a great staff that not only are CRC employees, but also dedicated expert racers and mechanics. The manufacturing team is is made up of a group racer/employees which include ROAR National, Regional, Cleveland, Vegas and Snowbirds Champions.

CRC has a conversion kit for current Gen-X owners to bring the original car all the cool features found on the XL for less. The conversion kit includes the Gen-XL chassis, XL links, antenna/shock mount, servo mount and the battery position pieces. This brings the long clamping links and lipo battery positioning to the original Gen-X. With the Encore shock and micro left pod, you can upgrade your current car to the latest specs affordably and quite easily. The conversion is part #3205.

The new car uses many steel screws for high strength and low center of gravity. Even with the steel screws, a typical Gen-XL with a lipo receiver pack, competition servo, speedo and receiver comes in under the new ROAR weight rule of 730 grams. The CRC Generation-XL, designed for today's technology; Lipo batteries, brushless motors and brushless controllers all at a great new low price that is almost $100 dollars less than the competition and even our original Gen-X! For those of you that wish to customize your race machine, CRC has a line of option parts already available that allow you to add your personal touch to the car. Proudly distributed nationally by Horizon Hobby Distributors and available worldwide from dedicated UK, European and Asian distributors. Get yours today at any quality hobby shop/race track.
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