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Prod id 5589
Cell Master Double Accel Black

Cell Master Double Accel is the world's smallest 2 port charger/discharger. All the features tested and completed by our Team of R&D, Factory team drivers and ISTC World Champion Marc Reinard. cell Master Double Accel is designed for expect R/C car drivers it gives a great race time
Dual 200 watt (100+100) charging circuits
2 port 200 watts (100W + 100W) charging circuit. Cell Master Double Accel ground breaking charger features 200 watts of power via dual 100+100 watt circuits allowing for simultaneous charging of two batteries up to each 10 amps.
Ready to race charging
Includes high precision special 2P balance charging lead, can charge directly without conversion connector.
High efficiency charging current reduction technology system
Much More Racing R&D Team developed high efficiency currents boost system.For example, when LiPo 2S 10A charge batteries, currents is only required 8A. Do not need a high capacity power.
Super compact dual port charger
Much More Racing R&D has succeeded to make the world best compact dual port charger, it is the fine compact charger with high -tech designed balancing circuit, constructed Dual charging system
very small size, light weight make easy to move on your pit table, can take full advantage of the space.

Special black back light LCD display All this technology is accessible through an easy-to-read Special black back light LCD display High sensitivity touch button system Adopting a very high sensitivity touch button for each menu, you can run briefly. also prevent the penetration of foreign substances. This system ensures the stable operation of the button on dusty environment such as off-road stadium Quick easy UI fast response Designed UI to use easily is based plenty race experience. fast response time will help you to conveniently charge. Each channel status LED indicator Easier to check charging status, charging, discharging, stand-by, complete at a glance by Dual blue state indicator LED
Dimensions: 129 x 115 x 49mm
Wright: 520g
Input: DC 11.0-15.0V
Circuit Power: 100W Max charge x2, 10W Max discharge x2
Circuit current: 0.1 -10.0 A x2
Circuit Drain of Balancing LiPo: 200mah/cell
NiCd/NiMh Cell count: 1-17 cells
LiPo/LiFe: 1-6series
Pb battery voltage: 6-30V
Discharge rate: 0.1-1.3A x2

Team Much More Cell Master Double Accl Black x1
Special 2P balance charging lead x 2pcs
DC input wire XT60 x 1pc
Ultra 2P connector charging lead x 1pc
TX and RX charging lead x 1pc
Cell balance multi adapter AL type x1pc
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Part No.:  MM-CTXDAK
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