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Another exclusive feature is the optional brass 5g weight that can be incorporated into the mount, to optimize the balance of thechassis. These functions are really easy to use, and they are the next step in terms of performance and versatile.

Standard setting
Standard mounting position with 2 screws in chassis, and 1 BR1 Ti screw between the mount and the servo (medium setting) - Less direct feel, but more chassis flex which will generate more grip, particularly useful on asphalt and low to medium grip carpet.

Medium-stiff setting
Standard mounting position with 3 screws (medium-stiff setting) - The car will have a direct and neutral feel, suited for most conditions.

Car : Xray T4 2020, Xray T4 2021
Material: Brass

BRUNORC Brass Weight 5g Optional for Servo Xray T4 ONLY V2

Bruno RC
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