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  • Team Br00d Modified Ti based motor 9x2
  • Zapped Magnets
  • Precision-Measured Springs
  • Rebalanced Armature Not all motors need to be re-balanced, but a few do arrive out-of-balance from the factory, so we double-check each and every motor by hand.
  • Polished and Seated Bearings
  • Polished Armature Shafts
  • Precision-Cut Commutator
  • Perfectly Round Commutator After we receive a motor from the factory, we check it to make sure the commutator is perfectly round before we do any work on it.
  • Aligned Brush Hoods
  • Wind Inspection Each armature is examined for loose windings, and each wind segment is checked for the proper resistance.
  • Commutator Timing Check We check to make sure that the motor`s timing has not been retarded; most factories use a
  • Team Br00d Modified Ti based motor 9x2

    Team Br00d
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